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What better way to Hillbilly the night (or day) away than a Wild Wild West party?

This great dress down american theme is ideal for your next party! With plenty of audience participation and line dancing, we give you the opportunity for you to don your dungarees, enjoy a Country-Western BBQ feast, dance and have a drink with all of your residents, employees and friends.

hodown entertainment picture Your Ho-Down Entertainment DJ provides:
  • Country Western Ho-Down Entertainment
  • Country Line Dancing
  • Ho-Down Party props
  • Costumes for your guests
  • FUN Games and Contests
  • Country Music favorites and requests
  • Lots of audience participation
  • BBQ feast available
  • and much more!


hodown entertainment picture hodown entertainment picture hodown entertainment picture
  hodown entertainment picture  

Royal Time DJs and Entertainment's Cowboy/Country DJ will keep the excitement going as he gets your audience participating in games and contests. We go the extra mile to make sure everyone is in a party spirit! There will be prizes for the BEST dressed Country Dance Hall Girls, Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Catering by...


Music by...
Joey Royal

M-N-M BBQ has been doing BBQ right for years! They cook everything "fresh" at your location!

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  • Pig Roasts
  • Ribs
  • Chicken
  • Cole Slaw
  • More choices and all the sides and fixin's you'd like!

Visit their website www.mnmbbq.com for more information.

For GREAT BBQ Feasts and Pig Roasts give us a call. Don't forget to ask for a FREE copy of our "Pick A Party" brochure and reserve your spot TODAY!


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